I play drums for a band called The Varlas. Permanently caffienated.
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To escape the world.

Alright, guitar. Let’s do this.

Could my life be this all the time?

  • Ace: You're crazy. I love the stuff you write on guitar!
  • Lor: Thanks!
  • Ace: And you come up with it so easily!
  • Lor: I actually sit in my room for hours on end and work on this stuff.
  • Ace: Oh...
I don’t take anything for granted anymore. After not playing music for a couple years, you realize what a sacred space live performance is. There’s so many things that are allowed in that moment that are disallowed in other aspects of life. Extreme emotions and a level of chaos and danger that you would never even want to go to in your regular life, and I don’t go to that place in my everyday life. When I’m performing, I’m trying to explore all of the parameters and boundaries while I’m onstage and then I can return to my teetotaling, dog-walking life. I get so frustrated when I see people onstage who aren’t enjoying it or aren’t taking advantage of it, so I really just take advantage of that moment. It’s very spontaneous and it can be magical.

New songs and lyrics to other songs, and working on finishing up other songs.

Started adding some bridges, and lead parts, and break downs, and askfnakjdnf I’m feeling creative!

I think its the new room. It has to be. My room is such a creative space now. WHAAAAAT! I LOVE IT. 


Wild Flag - “Romance”

New video from Wild Flag. via Pitchfork.

I love this video SO HARD.

(via fuckyeahwildflag)

20 plays


Wild Flag - “Electric Band”