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Mock Sleater-Kinney Reunion Tour Poster I made for my Surface Research Class. A grrrl can dream, cant she…..? *sigh*

Can this dream come true?

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Corin Tucker Band - Groundhog Day

From Kill My Blues, to be released September 18 via Kill Rock Stars.

Download “Groundhog Day” from Pitchfork.

Ohgodohgod It’s so good.

Hearing Corin Tucker sing with anger is amazing. My hands are shaking. 

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ooooh grrrrrl

The Hot Rock era of Sleater-Kinney.

If you haven’t listened to the Hot Rock album, you’re missing out! It is the epitome of intertwining guitar work. The low end from Corin is thoughtful and consistent, which allows for the vicious, unrelenting high-end guitar riffs from Carrie. The drums get a little buried in the mix, but the steady attack of Janet’s drumming pulls everything together and makes it cohesive.

The whole album is moody, mysterious, and causes one to really listen. It has incredible depth and contains some of my favourite S-K songs like “Start Together”, “Burn Don’t Freeze”, “End of You”, and the song that always makes me stop what I’m doing and go to someplace else in my mind, “Get Up”.

It’s a perfect album for a dark, foggy day. Right now, this album sounds like what I feel like my soul would sound like.

If you’re looking for new music, give it a listen!

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I owe a lot to this album.

I owe a lot to this album.

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Don’t tell me your name if you don’t want it sung

This song is filled with so much umfh-factor. Y’KNOW.