I play drums for a band called The Varlas. Permanently caffienated.
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I am always a blur, but check out that power stance.


We were recently interviewed for the New Music issue of the Coast, which is out this week.

Pick one up and read all about it, or click the link to go to the article, accompanied by one of our youtube videos.

My band played one show.

Now we are in the Coast. Oh, Halifax.


More photos from our first show!

Attractive stage-face.


From our first show on Monday, June 4th at Rockin’ 4 Dollars at Reflections Cabaret.

Awww yissss

Sister Knives @ Rockin’ 4 Dollars

Reflections Cabaret, Halifax

Sister Knives @ Rockin’ 4 Dollars

Reflections Cabaret, Halifax

This happened.


We don’t always take ourselves seriously,

but when we do…

No, sorry; we never do.

Sister Knives Goofs


This video is from a little awhile ago. Working on the lyrics and melodies for “I Know”.

Writing sessions! Wheeeee~


An illustration of my band?!

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